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Trumpet and Piano Duo

John Coulton - Trumpet

Brieley Cutting - Piano

With a repertoire ranging from the 1600's until the present day, John and Brieley's recital programmes offer a mixture of the well known & the sorely neglected. All styles and genres are catered for including Classical, Jazz and the ever popular classics.


Discover a new world of chamber music!


John Coulton and Brieley Cutting, both graduates of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, met back in 1997 and now dedicate part of their busy performing careers to working together as a permanent duo.


John is an experienced soloist in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.


Brieley enjoys a wide spectrum of work and is much in demand as a chamber musician and accompanist.


To engage these artists, to discuss repertoire or all other enquiries please send an email to :

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